Sarclad Attend the 2015 Whemco Roll Seminar in Turkey

Sarclad recently attended the 2015 Whemco Roll Seminar in Istanbul which was organised by our agent Linkas and the roll manufacturer Whemco. The seminar was a very successful event, attended by most of Turkey’s Steel and Aluminium manufacturers. Whemco, Sarclad and Georg presented their latest products and technology in the areas of roll manufacturing, roll inspection & texturing and roll grinding respectively. Sarclad’s developments in the areas of roll inspection, roll texturing and EDC carbide coating were received with a huge amount of interest whilst the introduction of our new Rolltex Eco EDT was also recognised as the most suitable texturing solution for Aluminium and low volume Steel production.

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JFE Steel & JFE Shoji Trading visit Sarclad UK

Sarclad had the pleasure of welcoming JFE Steel & JFE Shoji Trading to the UK head office last week to discuss their requirements of an upgrade to their existing EDT machine from a 36 electrode to 72 electrode variation.

This visit was also a great opportunity for JFE to experience Sarclad’s other products such as the latest in house Rollscan units & the new EDT ECO machine development.

JFE Visit

Sarclad Exhibit at the 20th Galvanizing & Coil Coating Conference

Sarclad exhibited at the 20th Galvanizing & Coil Coating conference organised by Metal Bulletin Events in Istanbul, Turkey between 7th – 8th September. A paper was presented discussing the future of roll texturing, including the following topics:

  • A modular range of Rolltex EDT machines is now available to suit individual plant capacity
  • The new Rolltex Eco machine has been developed for low volume mills
  • EDC – a new development project to replace chrome plating of work rolls

The presentation generated a lot of interest in the latest Sarclad Rolltex technologies and innovations aimed at providing a more cost effective and also environmentally friendly roll texturing solution.

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Sarclad Opens New India Office in Bangalore

Sarclad is pleased to announce the opening of its India service office in Bangalore.

The new office will be accommodated by the recently formed India support team, specialising in Sales and Service for all of Sarclad’s products and will serve the India market as well as the surrounding regions.


As well as the dedicated Sarclad personnel of Mr Salim Khan, Mr Vinay Kumar and Mr Avik Ghosh we will continue to be supported by Mr Harish Garnaik of HRR Engineers & Consultants, who have provided Sarclad with great sales support in the region over that past few years.


If you would like to contact the Sarclad India office, please feel free to call:                   00 91 080 22200051.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our Sarclad India team members directly:

Salim Khan – Service Manager – 00 91 961 158 8776

Vinay Kumar – Service Engineer – 00 91 991 685 1388

Avik Ghosh – Sales Engineer

Continuing Success for SCM

SCM Project Manager, Steve Shillito, reports on the progress so far in 2015 for successful Sarclad SCM installations, upgrades and orders received;

“The market place still continues to be difficult                                                  particularly where new Capital22256_0009 Expenditure Projects are concerned, but the trend for new technology upgrades to existing older SCM units continues and is an even more desirable option thanks to the exceptional reliability the new Single Board Data Logger (SBDL) technology has provided”.

Since March 2015:

New SCM orders received for the following Steel plants

  • Dillinger Huttenwerk CC4 & CC5 (Germany) – Replaces SCM for CC4 supplied in 1998. To be installed Aug/Sept 2015
  • WISCO Caster 2 at Steelmaking Plant No.3 (China) – Installation planned Q4 2015
  • Zhangjiang Rongsheng CC5 (China) – Installation planned for Q1 2016


Existing SCMs were upgraded and successfully installed at the following Steel Plants:

  • HKM (Duisburg – Germany) Upgrade to SCM supplied in 2000
  • HKM (Duisburg – Germany) Upgrade to SCM supplied in 2004
  • Erdemir CC1 (Turkey) – Upgrade to SCM supplied in 2001
  • Erdemir CC2 (Turkey) – Upgrade to SCM supplied in 2001
  • TATA Port Talbot Works (UK) – Upgrades to 2 SCMs supplied in 1992
  • Arcelor Mittal Gent CC2 (Belgium) – Upgrade to SCM supplied in 2007


New Upgrade orders received:

  • Essar Algoma (Canada) – Upgrade to SCM supplied in 2010. Installation Q4 2015


New SCMs supplied in 2015 awaiting installation:

  • Hadeed (Saudi Arabia) – 2nd unit on site. Installation planned September 2015
  • Usiminas (Ipatinga Brazil) – 1st SCM unit on site compliments to existing In-Chain system. Installation planned September 2015
  • Jingtang 1650 caster (China) – Installation planned August/September 2015
  • Jingtang 2150 caster (China) – Installation planned August/September 2015

Positive Results for New SCM Technology

Long-time customer of Sarclad SCM’s, SSAB Americas, recently had their SCM upgraded to single board data logger technology and couldn’t be happier with the results from the upgrade.

Automation Systems Engineer Eric Deitz, has complimented the upgrade saying;

“Too often in today’s world, companies only receive feedback when a customer has a complaint.

Today, I am writing to convey my satisfaction with our most recent upgrade to our Sarclad Strand Condition Monitor (SCM) “Datalogger” which was commissioned in December of 2007.

Initially our SCM required 3 electronics boards, an ISA backplane, a DC-DC converter and 3 signal conditioning modules.  With our old configuration, failure rates averaged about 10%.

With the “Single Board Technology” upgrade we commissioned in August of 2014, the reliability of our SCM has improved dramatically.  To this day, we have not had a single failure of the electronics on our upgraded machine.  I credit these improvements to the “Single Board Technology” that Sarclad began offering on all SCM’s earlier in 2014.

The elimination of the multiple electronics boards and ISA connection points combined with the elimination of the signal conditioning modules in favour of “Signal Distribution Blocks” with quick disconnects has greatly enhanced reliability and troubleshooting capabilities.  The reduction in power consumption is another contributing factor to our SCM’s improved performance.

My compliments to Sarclad for providing a positive upgrade path for our SCM.  It has become a superior product. “


Sarclad thanks Mr Deitz for his complimentary feedback and is pleased that the hard work and investment in development of the single board technology is providing the desired positive results for customers of new and upgraded SCM caster measuring equipment.

Sarclad attend METEC 2015 in Dusseldorf Germany

Being the largest metal exhibition of its kind, Sarclad took the opportunity to display its full product range to the many attendees at the exhibition last week. With an impressive stand, Sarclad attracted a vast amount of interest throughout the course of the week. Sarclad also had the pleasure of meeting new and old faces whilst gaining a number of new enquires. We look forward to exhibiting again at the next Metec show in 2019.

DSCF6280 croppedDSCF6278


Sarclad Holds an Open Day for Court Europe & Tata UK

Sarclad were pleased to hold an open day for visitors from Court Europe and Tata South Wales earlier this month. Held at Sarclad’s UK Head Office, the open day was a success generating a lot of interest in the EDT machines present at Sarclad UK. It was also a great opportunity for Sarlcad to give an up close and in depth overview of the Rolltex ECO as well as the MR & MS variants to the visitors who attended.