Another Successful Rollscan Training Program Complete

Sarclad delivered another In-House Rollscan Training course this week, this time to customers from South Wales.  Operators from Cogent Power, Tata Llanwern and Tata Trostre attended a 2 day training course which covered basic operator and maintenance training, but also dealt with trouble shooting and fault finding.

Alison Ward, After Sales & Customer Service manager explained “many of our customers encounter simple issues on site which can be easily fixed when they know what they are looking for.  This course was aimed at making our customers more autonomous between service visits, enabling them to carry out simple trouble shooting tasks and checks to avoid having to send an engineer to site.  Very often we have an engineer giving remote assistance by phone, asking the operator on site to carry out some adjustments to the equipment, and the operator might never have done this before so we re-create these here and talk them through what to do.  Once they have done this a couple of times here at Sarclad, the next time the engineer talks them through a procedure remotely, they feel more confident.  We also teach them what information they need to relay to the engineer if this happens during a night shift, when they will email the engineer, again enabling our engineer to offer more support as he has all the facts.  The fact that the training is “hands-on” rather than purely theoretical proved really popular with the participants.  One of the participants this time said that he had found the course very useful and thought that it was great the way we adapted it to their needs.  We try to make each course as relevant as possible and it is nice to hear that this comes across.  We are looking forward to rolling this out to more customers now.”

If anyone is interested in attending the next course, they should contact with their details or call the After Sales Team on +44 (0) 1142 939300 for further details.


Sarclad Launch New In-House Training Programmes

Sarclad are pleased to report that they have started providing In-House Training sessions to support customers who are using their range of metal industry technology products.

The inaugural course took place in April with customers from Aperam Chatelet and NLMK La Louviere in Belgium taking part. This first course was dedicated to the operation and maintenance of Sarclad’s Rollscan roll inspection systems. Both Aperam and NLMK already own a number of these systems and three further units are due to be delivered to NLMK shortly.

Sarclad’s After Sales and Customer Service Manager Alison Kemp explained “we are always looking for ways to better support our customers throughout the life of their Sarclad equipment and training is one of the key resources we can offer. We know that very often when we are called out to site, the issues are due to operators having an unfamiliarity with the equipment rather than any malfunction. 

While we already carry out on site training for new personnel, we recognise that a noisy rollshop or caster environment is not always ideal to work in as it is difficult to communicate and employees cannot always completely escape from their day to day responsibilities. By attending a course here at Sarclad, more effective training can be given away from these distractions as our Customer Zone has a designated training area which allows our engineers to work closely with our customers for both theoretical and practical training.  

A particular benefit for these courses is that we can tailor them to match the exact requirements of the customer.  We also delivered last week’s course in French so that there were no language barriers and that was greatly appreciated by the participants. 

We are looking to expand the range of courses we offer now to cover further topics and hope to be running our next session in a month or so.  We have had a very high level of interest in the courses and think that they will continue to be popular with our customers.” 

If you would like any further details about the range of courses on offer, please get in touch with Alison who will be pleased to discuss in more detail with you.

11th World Trade Fair & Conference: Aluminium 2016, Düsseldorf

Sarclad will be exhibiting at the 11th World Trade Fair & Conference, Aluminium 2016 held at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany from the 29th November to 1st December.

We are hoping for another successful event at Messe Düsseldorf.

If you will be attending the event, please feel free to stop by our stand located in Hall 9, stand 9C22.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Second EDT Contract for RunYuan Steel, China

Sarclad is pleased to announce that we have recently secured a second 36 electrode EDT contract with Chinese based RunYuan Steel.

This will be the second Sarclad 36EDT machine supplied within the last 18 months to this valuable customer, as the firm continues to grow and develop its excellent texturing and grinding service capabilities for local steel manufacturers.


The contracts were signed and exchanged between RunYuan General Manager, Mr. Cao and Sarclad Managing Director, Richard Cowlishaw on August 23rd 2016.

The new machine is planned to be despatched in October 2016 with a target date for full operation of the end of January 2017, to meet RunYuan’s increasing demand for high quality, automotive grade textured rolls.

Positive Results for Sarclad’s First UK In-Chain Installation

IMG_2466In October 2015 Sarclad installed 2 on-line In-Chain measuring systems supplied to Tata Scunthorpe on Strands 5 & 6 of the Slab Caster.

The In-Chain systems are permanently mounted to the dummy bar chains. They are fully automatic data gathering systems which measure gap at 4 positions and outer roll alignment data at 2 positions across the width of both strands.

Each system is powered by an on-board battery cell which is charged automatically through non-contact inductive coils while the dummy bar chain is in-active on the dummy bar ramp.

At the start of cast, the dummy bar is inserted in to the caster. The In-chain data logger switches on automatically as the bar moves inside the caster and approaches the start of cast position.

Once casting begins, gap and alignment data is measured by each measuring assembly and the data stored inside the on-board Data Logger computer.

As the dummy bar exits the caster, the system performs a controlled shutdown. As the Auto-charge coils come in to alignment with each other, the On-Board computer re-boots and automatically transfers the measured data via Wi-Fi to a PC where it is analysed and displayed.

The installations at Tata Scunthorpe are the first at a UK steel plant and compliment systems in the USA and Brazil.

TSThe benefits of this system are that Gap and Alignment data is collected at every start of cast with no interruption to Production activities thus providing the quality critical measurement essential for the high quality Slabs that Tata Scunthorpe produce.