Further to many years of success using Sarclad’s off-line Strand Condition Monitors, Severstal Russia are now also using a Sarclad In-Chain Strand Condition Monitor. Permanently attached to the dummy bar chain, the In-Chain Strand Condition Monitor (In-Chain SCM) provides roll gap measurements and outer-face alignment measurements every time the dummy bar chain is fed through the casting machine.

Order placement was in August 2018 and Sarclad completed the commissioning of the equipment in April 2019. Prior to delivery, Sarclad visited site on two occasions to discuss the installation and operation of the equipment and to discuss the health and safety considerations relating to the project. This preparatory work contributed towards ensuring the commissioning of the equipment was completed smoothly and on time. Also, during the commissioning, a local representative of Sarclad visited site and received operator and maintenance training for the new equipment, enabling Sarclad to provide prompt and effective product support services.

Sarclad’s In-Chain SCM technology perfectly complements Sarclad’s off-line SCM technology. The offline SCM provides detailed caster measurements during maintenance shut-downs, whereas the In-Chain SCM’s increased frequency of measurement data collection enables the end user to predict more accurately near future caster maintenance requirements. Combining the off-line and on-line measurement capability offers 1) total control of the continuous casting maintenance activities, 2) minimises product downgrading, and 3) provides operating conditions for high-quality slab production. Also note, the modular design of the In-Chain SCM allows the addition of features in the future, such as automatic battery charging.

These two images show the completed installation of the In-Chain SCM.

This image shows the dummy bar chain in its home position and battery charging cable connected.












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Sarclad/Severstal In-Chain SCM Case Study