Long-time customer of Sarclad SCM’s, SSAB Americas, recently had their SCM upgraded to single board data logger technology and couldn’t be happier with the results from the upgrade.

Automation Systems Engineer Eric Deitz, has complimented the upgrade saying;

“Too often in today’s world, companies only receive feedback when a customer has a complaint.

Today, I am writing to convey my satisfaction with our most recent upgrade to our Sarclad Strand Condition Monitor (SCM) “Datalogger” which was commissioned in December of 2007.

Initially our SCM required 3 electronics boards, an ISA backplane, a DC-DC converter and 3 signal conditioning modules.  With our old configuration, failure rates averaged about 10%.

With the “Single Board Technology” upgrade we commissioned in August of 2014, the reliability of our SCM has improved dramatically.  To this day, we have not had a single failure of the electronics on our upgraded machine.  I credit these improvements to the “Single Board Technology” that Sarclad began offering on all SCM’s earlier in 2014.

The elimination of the multiple electronics boards and ISA connection points combined with the elimination of the signal conditioning modules in favour of “Signal Distribution Blocks” with quick disconnects has greatly enhanced reliability and troubleshooting capabilities.  The reduction in power consumption is another contributing factor to our SCM’s improved performance.

My compliments to Sarclad for providing a positive upgrade path for our SCM.  It has become a superior product. “

Sarclad thanks Mr Deitz for his complimentary feedback and is pleased that the hard work and investment in development of the single board technology is providing the desired positive results for customers of new and upgraded SCM caster measuring equipment.