In October 2015 Sarclad installed 2 on-line In-Chain measuring systems supplied to Tata Scunthorpe on Strands 5 & 6 of the Slab Caster.

The In-Chain systems are permanently mounted to the dummy bar chains. They are fully automatic data gathering systems which measure gap at 4 positions and outer roll alignment data at 2 positions across the width of both strands.

Each system is powered by an on-board battery cell which is charged automatically through non-contact inductive coils while the dummy bar chain is in-active on the dummy bar ramp.

At the start of cast, the dummy bar is inserted in to the caster. The In-chain data logger switches on automatically as the bar moves inside the caster and approaches the start of cast position.

Once casting begins, gap and alignment data is measured by each measuring assembly and the data stored inside the on-board Data Logger computer.

As the dummy bar exits the caster, the system performs a controlled shutdown. As the Auto-charge coils come in to alignment with each other, the On-Board computer re-boots and automatically transfers the measured data via Wi-Fi to a PC where it is analysed and displayed.

The installations at Tata Scunthorpe are the first at a UK steel plant and compliment systems in the USA and Brazil.

The benefits of this system are that Gap and Alignment data is collected at every start of cast with no interruption to Production activities thus providing the quality critical measurement essential for the high quality Slabs that Tata Scunthorpe produce.