ROLLTEX EDT - Electro Discharge Texturing. World leading technology for texturing rolling mill rolls

A fast and reliable process of providing surface textures on cold mill rolls to outstanding accuracy and consistency, with lower operating costs and improved environmental conditions offered by other texturing processes such as shot / grit blasting.

Advanced electronic control provides independent selection of surface roughness (Ra) and Peak Count (PC) values over a wide range of roll textures, to suit a vast range of applications. Waviness (Wa) values are maintained well within the limits specified by major automotive companies.

With texture ranges from Ra 0.5 to 12 µm, regardless of roll hardness, the most stringent requirements for coated and uncoated strip qualities can be satisfied Machines of various sizes and specifications operate continuously to provide textured rolls for Tandem, Temper, Skin pass, Sendzimir, reversing mills and speciality strip producers. Varying roll shapes, such as parallel, CVC and cambered can be easily textured.

Integrated automatic roll loaders and roll shop management software provides texturing capabilities of +1000 rolls/month.


  • Wide range of textures. Ra 0.5 to 12 µm
  • Fast and efficient roll texturing, +1000 rolls / month
  • Size and capacity customised to individual requirements. 12 – 72 electrodes
  • Fully automated operation, with optional roll loader capability
  • Maintains specified textures independent of roll hardness
  • Option to retrofit equipment onto an existing grinder or lathe


  • High quality textured strip surface
  • Lower roll texturing costs than other technologies
  • Improved strip control when compared to shot / grit blast technology
  • Consistent textures between rolls, achieving roll to roll deviation to <4%
  • Reduced incidence of "stickers" after annealing
  • Reduced dirt in the mill


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