For some of our customers, the quantity of rolls they need textured is too small to warrant the investment in dedicated Sarclad EDT. However, the advantages of electro-discharge textures can still be obtained by making use of our in-house roll texturing service. We can service a wide range of roll sizes and texture requirements on EDT machines and can offer quick turnaround where required. All the work is carried out by our professional in-house team so you can be sure of a high quality finish every time.


Available Features

  • Wide range of textures. Ra 0.5 to 12 µm


  • Fast and efficient roll texturing,


  • Maintains specified textures independent of roll hardness


  • High quality textured strip surface
  • Improved strip control when compared to shot / grit blast technology
  • Consistent textures between rolls, achieving roll to roll deviation to <4%
  • Reduced incidence of “stickers” after annealing
  • Reduced dirt in the mill