Featuring the very latest advance in Electrical Discharge Technology, delivering textured rolls above and beyond the current requirements of the industry into the Next Generation.

Today’s leading steel and aluminium rolling mills need to consistently produce high quality textured strip to satisfy increasing demand from market sectors such as Automotive, White goods and Packaging. Sarclad is the world-leading provider of roll texturing technology, having supplied over 120 Rolltex machines worldwide in its 45-year history. Sarclad is launching the next generation of EDT technology in Spring 2022, featuring a Multi-Servo Array (MSA) texture head. Rolltex EDT-MSA will be targeted at applications that require the highest possible texture quality and consistency.



Features of Rolltex EDT-MSA

  • Unique, 36 electrode texturing head array
  • Individual electrode position control
  • Digital servo control – position control within 1μm
  • New power delivery system – closed-loop current control

Advantages of Rolltex EDT-MSA

  • Higher Peak count performance – 30% – 60% increase across roughness range vs standard EDT
  • More consistent texture (σ Ra) – 25% greater control vs standard EDT
  • Higher texturing efficiency per electrode
  • Improved speed and capacity – 30% efficiency gain vs standard 72 electrode EDT
  • Excellent flushing between electrodes and the roll
  • Removal of defects including scratches, water marks & grinding traverse lines

Multi-Servo Array (MSA) Electrode Texture Head


Sarclad Rolltex MSA Brochure

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